The Government Doesn’t Care About What You Think Intro

11 June 2016

Hello, again Insights.

In America, we are supposedly a Democracy. That is the case for several other nations. Some aren’t even democracies. Although America is freer than dictatorships such as North Korea, we still have flaws in our democracy. Big money in politics corrupts the global political system. Earlier this year the Panama Papers were released. Although those exposed weren’t exclusively political figures, the rich establishment affects worldwide politics. The largest exposed leak in history, the papers showed massive tax dodging. According to data that we know, there is about $20 TRILLION of tax evasion. That’s more than the GDP of the U.S.!  There are things going on that the media won’t report about. Click here to check out my post on that.

Congress, state and local governments all over the world have this issue. Specifically, in the United States, there’s a private system for campaign finance that allows powerful special interests to “buy” politicians. In return, these interests want something in return(lower taxes, deregulation, anything that will get them more money). There was a study done by Princeton that took public policy and actual policy for the bottom 90 percent of Americans. The graph was effectively the same no matter how much the public supported or opposed an issue.

Princeton Study

You see, in America, the corporations, lobbyists, and other special interests get what they want when they want it.

What does the average American want?


90% expanded background check of some kind.

80% to raise the federal minimum wage over $7.25 an hour. Most want at least $10 an hour.

60% to replace current health care system with a single-payer system.

Do we have any of this? Well, partially. Many states do have a minimum wage above the federal level, and it will be raised to $15 an hour in some urban communities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City over a period of time. Additionally, some gun measures have gone up in some states. However, these changes aren’t nationwide.  The NRA lobbies against gun control even though nearly 3/4 of its members support some form of gun control. These special interests also don’t want to pay minimum wage workers more because they’ll lose money which for big corporations such as Wal-Mart, they can afford. The private health insurance industry profits more under the current system. As crazy as it sounds,  they will make more by DENYING people coverage and treatment. They will not pay for coverage treatment, therefore making more profit. The for-profit health care system doesn’t care about people, just people’s money.

That is one of the missions of Global Insight. To end the corruption of big money in politics. These powerful special interests buy off politicians and get what they want because they’re often large donors. Ordinary citizens aren’t paid as much attention because they don’t have that much money to donate. This is why we need public financing of elections and a Constitutional Amendment to stop this corruption and regain our democracy.


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