What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You(and why) Part 2

In my inaugural post, I talked about what the mainstream media won’t tell you. Since they’re all corporate owned, they’ll report on behalf of corporate interests. Today’s post will focus on fear-mongering by the MSM.

Part 1: The MSM’s fear-mongering agenda

The mainstream media frequently fearmongers, especially after terrorist attacks. Now that we’re in a presidential election, they’ll turn to them and their responses. They’ll be several guests who have experience in U.S. national security and attempt to make terrorism a bigger deal than it actually is. The thing is that terrorism is focused primarily on Islamic terrorism, specifically ISIL.

The Islamophobic Fearmongering Rhetoric

Part 2: What the MSM Won’t Tell You

The MSM has an obvious establishment bias. You hear the stories from them about ISIL attacks and how we need to get tough on terrorism. This is because defense contractors are part of the establishment. What they won’t tell you is the work that the U.S. military does. An example being, U.S. drone forces bomb in Syria, killing a top ISIL official. The background and gruesomeness and corruption did by the U.S. aren’t covered. It’s always they’re the bad guys, we’re the good guys. The media has to have sides and labels.

Take for example the Iraq war. The MSM beat the war drums trying to get the people on board with the war. As the media is corporate owned and works for interests, there are tie-ins with defense contractors who profit when there are wars. We seem to be at war constantly, and our defense spending is No. 1 in the world by a long shot. It’s no accident that this happens. The corporations work together to get what they want, not what ordinary citizens want.

Read More: American Weapons-Makers Profiting From War

Part 1

Part 3




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