The Government Doesn’t Care About What You Think Part 3

25 June 2016

Hello, again Readers.

In one of my recent posts, I talked about the House sit-in to try to get a vote on gun control. Today, I will continue the “Government doesn’t care about what you think” series. This about the reaction of House Republicans, notably Speaker Paul Ryan.

Democrats ended their sit-in on Thursday after 25 hours. House Speaker Paul Ryan(R-WI) called it a publicity stunt. On his Twitter account(@SpeakerRyan), he encouraged people to retweet his tweet saying that it was a publicity stunt and nothing more. The sit-in was for publicity, but it was also to get House Republicans on board for a vote, but Ryan’s tone implied that it wasn’t the case in his opinion. Another Republican representative Louie Gohmert(R-TX),  screamed that Radical Islam was the problem and killed those in Orlando. Republicans tried to move away from the topic of guns by trying to get votes on other measures such as a financial deregulation bill. Another measure was a  $1.1 billion spending bill to combat the Zika virus. There’s a reason why the government doesn’t care what you think. It’s money in the system. As Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks would say “of course!” There’s another example of how the government sneaks Zika virus funding to please their donors.

In a dangerous move for those who use the roads, Congress passed a bill that would deregulate the trucking industry. Truckers would be allowed to drive up to 73 hours a week plus another 8.5 hours for related activities. The money in the system is what allows this. A measure to add Zika virus funding was a part of this bill, trying to make politicians feel guilty if they were to vote against Zika virus funding. Here’s the thing: They’re not concerned with your safety. They’re concerned about money. Sure, there will be accidents and some lawsuits in which they will lose. But this will pay off with the deregulation designed to make the trucking industry more money.

The message that Global Insight is trying to convey is that money is corrupting the political system and our daily lives. You should hear it so many times that it would make you hurl. We need to fight to get the money out of politics and get back our democracy.

Video: Louie Gohmert’s Reaction

Video:  Analysis to trucking deregulation/Zika bill

Article: Article of the same bill

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