Hillary Clinton, James Comey and the FBI

10 July 2016

Hello, Again Insights.

On Tuesday we heard a report from the FBI director, James Comey. Not exactly surprising, the FBI will rewrite the laws to let Hillary Clinton off the hook. Comey, a Republican did state that it was “gross negligence” of what Clinton did, but anyone could have done that. Comey also stated that no reasonable prosecutor would go through with the case and press charges. His party affiliation doesn’t really matter because both are members of the establishment. In this post, I’ll go a little more in-depth with the investigation and the facts.

Since February 2015, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been under investigation for using a private e-mail server during her time at the state department. Also, this use of a private server has raised questions whether this had an effect on September 11, 2012, Consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya and jeopardizing national security.

Last week, former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch held an impromptu meeting. Disclaimer: Loretta Lynch was appointed a US attorney by Clinton in 1999, so there has to be some bias with Lynch regarding a possible indictment. It’s just common sense, not any anti-Clinton bias which the pro-Clinton people are saying. Lynch said the meeting was about ‘grandkids’ among other things, but if you use your brain, you’ll know that there was a long discussion regarding the indictment. I read some articles and a video about this, and it hit me: The meeting happened because they were unsure of what the FBI would do. Lynch stated that she would “accept recommendations” from the FBI regarding an indictment. That doesn’t mean that she will choose to indict Clinton if the Lynch has ties to the Clintons, so we know that would be unlikely in the first place.

Bill Clinton- Loretta Lynch Meeting


The State Department received access to Clinton’s server, and reports have found that some emails were classified at the time, and some were changed to classified after Clinton left the state department. According to Comey, the emails were a mix of confidential, secret, and top-secret information.   

Another point is that a private SERVER was used, not just a private email account. A government server would have high security, unlike a private one. Since this was a private server of a high-ranking official, it became more prone to hacking, which occurred on several occasions. In his speech on Tuesday, Comey added that a regular email account is MORE secure than Clinton’s combination of a private account and server. The language that Comey used implied that Clinton broke the law, but she would basically get away with it.

In May of 2014, the House of Representatives formed a select committee on Benghazi to see if Clinton was responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans and how it tied into the email scandal. However, the 9 reports that were released showed no wrongdoing and it appeared that the select committee was not efficient in their use of taxpayer dollars.

Benghazi Committee Reports

Benghazi Committee by the Numbers


FBI reports clearly showed that Clinton broke the law, but she won’t be indicted likely on “establishment privilege” as I call it. Whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning received harsh punishments for revealing classified information on what the U.S. was doing overseas like what Manning did or global surveillance programs as with Snowden. The point is very clear. Clinton did break the law shown from FBI reports, but others such as the Benghazi reports found nothing. The point that I’m trying to make is that there was definitely a bias in favor of Clinton in this investigation.

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