Police Shootings, Black Lives Matter and the Facts

12 July 2016

Hello, again Insights.

This week has been a very controversial week in the realm of politics. There were two high-profile black cop shootings of black men. There was a mass shooting of police officers in Dallas as a response. There have been various protests led by local chapters of Black Lives Matter in response.

What happened?

Two high-profile shootings by police officers of black men, Philando Castille in St. Paul and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge. As a result, several protests broke out in these two cities as well as across the United States. On Thursday night, Micah Johnson shot 5 police officers dead. There has been speculation from the mainstream outlets that whether or not that Johnson was connected to Black Lives Matter. It is known that Johnson had no connections to BLM.

Further Read: Micah Johnson details

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a national organization who aims to make black lives more valid and to stop police brutality. What is commonly said is that BLM only cares about black lives. BLM means Black Lives Matter as well. It is a known fact that blacks have been treated unfairly during the history of America, in which BLM obviously points out.

Facts on Police Shootings

According to The Guardian, over 574 people have been shot by police, and an overwhelming majority of them are men. It is true that more whites die than blacks from police shootings, but they make up over 60 percent of the population, as opposed to only 13 percent who are black. Opponents of groups such as Black Lives Matter point out  that white people die more from police shootings than black people. That is true, but it is DISPROPORTIONATELY African-American. The rate of police shooting deaths of blacks is around 25%, nearly twice the rate of the percentage of blacks in this country. The Guardian’s tally is as follows(as of 12 July 2016). I’ll add the percentages of the deaths by race, and the actual percentage of the U.S. population.

281 White(Non-Hispanic)(49.0%)(62%)

140 Black(24.3%)(13%)

88 Hispanic(15.3%)(18%)

42 Unknown race/ more than one race(7.3%)(2%)

13 Native American(2.3%)(1%)

10 Asian/Pacific Islander(1.7%)(5%)

Estimates from census.gov

You see, whites are killed by police at about a 2:1 margin, but outnumber blacks at an over 4:1 ratio,  which is closer to 5:1. Native Americans, although a much smaller amount of the population, are disproportionately killed as well. BLM is trying to end the systematic racism focusing on the lives of African Americans. Here’s the deal: ALL LIVES MATTER. Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, Middle Eastern, etc. There have been hundreds of arrests in the last week, including 102 in St. Paul. In more news, there has been a petition that would reclassify Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization. The petition has received over 100,000 signatures. We need to get to a state of equality and end this madness. That includes reforming the criminal justice system and demilitarizing the police forces.


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