The DNC, the Media, Election Fraud, and the Democratic Party Platform

28 July 2016

Hello, again Insights.

Last week, the RNC occurred in Cleveland. I didn’t watch it, so what I know about it are the news and other people. Today is the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and just like in the primaries, there have been several issues.

On July 22, Wikileaks released tens of thousands of emails and attachments regarding the DNC and connections to Hillary Clinton. To search for those, click here. There was mass speculation that the DNC coddled with the Clinton campaign from the very beginning, and there was a conflict of interest going on: Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz worked as a campaign co-chair on Clinton’s 2008 campaign. As a result of the leaks, Wasserman Schultz stepped down as the DNC chair but is now working with the Clinton campaign officially(since she and the DNC worked with her) as an “honorary chair” to help get her and Democrats in all 50 states elected.

Election fraud has occurred in several cases including intentional slashing in the number of polling stations such as those in Arizona and Puerto Rico, causing long wait lines. Puerto Rico typically has a high voter turnout, had less than 5% of eligible voters cast their ballots. In California, millions were told to have to vote provisional ballots even though they were registered Democrats or recently registered as a Democrat. The media called California for Hillary Clinton before millions of provisional ballots were even counted. There was also reports of illegally shredded ballots in the Golden State.

Election Justice USA– A non-partisan coalition dealing with election fraud.

Democratic Primary Fraud- Election Justice

The convention kicked off on Monday to Sanders supporters protesting the corruption in the DNC. Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders were some of the keynote speakers of the night. However, there has been many problems with delegates and protesters. As you may know, Sanders supporters have been talked down to and asked to “fall in line” for party unity to defeat Trump.

The Mainstream Media, which has ties to Clinton and virtually every other establishment political figure, reports only the surface.They cannot report the whole story because they’re part of the corruption that is going on. There have been issues with other media sources such as with the online The Young Turks. TYT political reporter Jordan Chariton was locked out from the media tent on Day 2 of the convention. In continuation, protesters occupied the media tent, protesting the mainstream media and their establishment/conservative bias.

There was some good news, however. Starting in 2020, 2/3 of the Democratic Party’s superdelegates have to vote according to the results of the primary or caucus in their state. In the weeks leading up to the convention, committees began drafting the party platform for the next four years. Some notable changes were calling for a $15 minimum wage as well as debt-free college. Other things did not change from 2012 such as on foreign policy such as on the Palestine-Israel conflict. New things were added such as praising and attempting to pass the TPP.

Full Democratic Party Platform

That is the basics of the DNC, the media, election fraud, and what the upcoming platform is. I’ll also have a similar post regarding the Republicans and the RNC soon.




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