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#NoDAPL- The Latest and Why the Mainstream Media Rarely Covers It

Over the past few months, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests have been very significant. An earlier post detailed the facts and the dangers of the protests itself. Typically non-violent protesters have been violently attacked by police forces.

Last weekend, even though it was in the mid-20s, Police used water cannons on protesters, and they defended it, many people went to the hospital because they got hypothermia.

The major issue is that there is a near-media blackout by the mainstream outlets. There has virtually nothing done about the DAPL violence against protesters. Real, objective facts need to be given by these outlets, and not just from independent media sources who have done an excellent job covering the protests. To get a quick background, click here to see the earlier post on the DAPL.

To summarize the facts beyond the violent attacks, the pipeline itself is going through Native American land according to The Treaty of Fort Laramie, signed in 1851. Some sacred Native American burial grounds have been, and not could be bulldozed over, and the oil pipeline can result in a contaminated water supply. Additionally, unlike what Energy Transfers is saying, much of the oil is likely to be exported whereas Energy Transfers states that the oil will be 100 percent domestically consumed.

The DAPL protests have led to dozens of human rights violations and the United States government hasn’t done anything to help it. Don’t listen when politicians say we care about humanitarian causes and altruism. On some cases, that may be true, but we neglect domestic abuses, and then we get ourselves into offensive wars as well as funding our allies who also commit human rights violations. We have to stand up. Change comes from the bottom up, as we have seen a little with the rise of Bernie Sanders. We have to continue that in larger quantities to truly create the change we need.