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What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You(and Why) Part 6: Your Privacy

Hello, again Insights,

The goal of Insight News is to report on stories that aren’t covered by the Mainstream Media. A story that caught my eye from Twitter and I have seen few people talking about it. And it concerns just about all of us. If you are reading this, it affects you.

The concern is over internet privacy. In October, the Federal Communications Commission released an order that protected internet users by preventing Internet Service Providers(ISP) from selling your browsing history to a third party. These ISPs are one of the many wealthy interests who has bought the government and bought legislation favoring them. Only 6 percent of Americans support the bill, disliked along party lines, unlike Congress, where it was largely a party-line vote.

On April 4, Donald Trump signed the bill into law, after the Senate and House of Representatives both recently passed the measure in Congress.

The significant result of the passage of this law is that your privacy is officially gone. The NSA and CIA have the abilities and have engaged in hacking smartphones and other electronics, but any third party can access your browsing history if your ISP sells it to them.

The Mainstream Media has been essentially silent on the whole matter. They are silent because they would benefit from this law at the expense of ordinary Americans. Comcast an internet provider owns NBC, MSNBC, two major news outlets. Time Warner owns CNN. Even other media outlets who don’t have direct ties to internet providers don’t talk about this or care about it because power benefits from this bill. Mainstream Media, or any media for that matter, should be covering this all the time, but we know that the Mainstream won’t talk about this.

Conflicts of Interest: The CIA and the Washington Post

Hello, again Insights.

The corporate media leaves out important issues and events. One that went through quietly was a $600 million contract between the CIA and the Washington Post in 2013. Keep in mind this: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon who purchased the Washington Post for $250 million. The contract that Amazon will work on is on web services and cloud computing.

When someone or an agency such as the CIA gives an organization millions of dollars, they are expecting something in return. No doubt.  The CIA wants cloud computing among other things. This claim is proved through the “reporting” that the Washington Post has done in recent months. For example, the Russia election hacking story was broken by the Washington Post naming the secret CIA assessment but doesn’t give any substantial evidence. What makes matters even worse is that the Post has refused to disclose their ties to the CIA while reporting.  There is a petition that has gone around since late 2016 that would force the Washington Post to disclose its CIA ties while reporting on them. That’s the minimum what should happen. There shouldn’t be a contract between the media and government in the first place. The Mainstream Media won’t talk about this because it would hurt their bottom line. Another point that I would like to make is that the Washington Post’s new slogan is “Democracy Dies in Darkness” and they are engaged in this dilemma.

Stories like the Amazon-Washington Post/CIA  are the real outrage. It isn’t a Trump tweet or Russia election hacking or any other sensationalist stories that the corporate media pushes. As I have stated, there isn’t any evidence of Russia election interference. Yes, this happened four years ago, but a $600 million contract is worth much more than four years in this case. This is the same corruption that floods our politicians. There is no difference. I say this in every post, and I will hammer this until the cows come home, Independent media is the only way to get the real news. Wherever you are, read more and support independent media!


What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You(and Why) Part 5: Wikileaks Dumps and False Claims of Russian Election Tampering

Hello, again, Insights.

About two weeks ago, Wikileaks began releasing confidential documents of the CIA. The series has been called “Vault 7”. These documents show how the CIA has the capabilities to hack into smartphones, computers, and even televisions. Here is the link to the home of Vault 7. I encourage you to check it out.

Yes, there has been coverage on the Vault 7 dumps from mainstream networks. However, it isn’t a focus for the networks to cover it. We know why that isn’t a focus. The Mainstream Media operates on behalf of corporate interests, which isn’t exposing the truth.

There is no question that the America populous has the right to know what the government and corresponding agencies are doing. The Vault 7 leaks correspond to the likes of Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. They exposed vital information of the corruption by the United States government.

There has been a larger focus, however, on Russia, alleged ties to Trump, and the alleged election tampering, which is baseless. The CIA claimed this, as well where the media is running with it. The FBI agrees that Russia rigged the election to favor Trump.

Russia has been a focus in corporate and establishment circles since mid-July when they were accusations of hacking the DNC and then leaked emails and other documents to Wikileaks who published them. This is part of the so-called “election tampering.” They exposed information where the DNC colluded with Hillary Clinton from the beginning. After the leaks, many in the Democratic Establishment attempted to play the victim, but they didn’t have a good argument because they were clearly corrupt and were covering it.

Let’s get something straight: There have been many stories on what Russia allegedly did. The two biggest ones were the DNC leaks and election hacking. The latter claim muddies the waters and encourages sensationalism by the mainstream media.

These are baseless claims. The current Russia story is a textbook definition of McCarthyism which is making accusations without evidence. The corporate media won’t call anything out because they are a part of the corrupt system. Six major companies control 90 percent of the Media in the United States. The networks are Comcast, Time Warner, CBS, Newscorp, Viacom, and Disney.

Members of Congress, particularly Democrats, are pushing the Russia narratives. Just because the CIA says something is true, it doesn’t mean that it is true. The CIA doesn’t provide evidence. In January, US Intelligence released their declassified report on the alleged Russia election tampering. Read it for yourself with the link provided. From what I read, it is empty and vacuous and has no substantial evidence. There has not been ANY evidence given to support the claims of a Russia election hacking or them hacking the DNC. If there was evidence, I would present it to you.

As you all know, Congress is bought and controlled by wealthy special interests. Check out Open Secrets to see where the money is going. This is the reason why they don’t pass legislation, let alone discuss legislation that would benefit the American people. Republicans in the Senate broke the filibuster record under Obama, however having few legislative ideas of their own. The same applies to Democrats. Both parties have a similar message that is filled with vague, empty platitudes because they actually cater to Corporate America.

The United States, while technically a democracy, is effectively an oligarchy. Unsupported claims are riddled all over the mainstream press while ignoring the real issues. These reasons are why independent media is more important than ever.