What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You(and Why) Part 6: Your Privacy

Hello, again Insights,

The goal of Insight News is to report on stories that aren’t covered by the Mainstream Media. A story that caught my eye from Twitter and I have seen few people talking about it. And it concerns just about all of us. If you are reading this, it affects you.

The concern is over internet privacy. In October, the Federal Communications Commission released an order that protected internet users by preventing Internet Service Providers(ISP) from selling your browsing history to a third party. These ISPs are one of the many wealthy interests who has bought the government and bought legislation favoring them. Only 6 percent of Americans support the bill, disliked along party lines, unlike Congress, where it was largely a party-line vote.

On April 4, Donald Trump signed the bill into law, after the Senate and House of Representatives both recently passed the measure in Congress.

The significant result of the passage of this law is that your privacy is officially gone. The NSA and CIA have the abilities and have engaged in hacking smartphones and other electronics, but any third party can access your browsing history if your ISP sells it to them.

The Mainstream Media has been essentially silent on the whole matter. They are silent because they would benefit from this law at the expense of ordinary Americans. Comcast an internet provider owns NBC, MSNBC, two major news outlets. Time Warner owns CNN. Even other media outlets who don’t have direct ties to internet providers don’t talk about this or care about it because power benefits from this bill. Mainstream Media, or any media for that matter, should be covering this all the time, but we know that the Mainstream won’t talk about this.


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