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Conflicts of Interest: The CIA and the Washington Post

Hello, again Insights.

The corporate media leaves out important issues and events. One that went through quietly was a $600 million contract between the CIA and the Washington Post in 2013. Keep in mind this: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon who purchased the Washington Post for $250 million. The contract that Amazon will work on is on web services and cloud computing.

When someone or an agency such as the CIA gives an organization millions of dollars, they are expecting something in return. No doubt.  The CIA wants cloud computing among other things. This claim is proved through the “reporting” that the Washington Post has done in recent months. For example, the Russia election hacking story was broken by the Washington Post naming the secret CIA assessment but doesn’t give any substantial evidence. What makes matters even worse is that the Post has refused to disclose their ties to the CIA while reporting.  There is a petition that has gone around since late 2016 that would force the Washington Post to disclose its CIA ties while reporting on them. That’s the minimum what should happen. There shouldn’t be a contract between the media and government in the first place. The Mainstream Media won’t talk about this because it would hurt their bottom line. Another point that I would like to make is that the Washington Post’s new slogan is “Democracy Dies in Darkness” and they are engaged in this dilemma.

Stories like the Amazon-Washington Post/CIA  are the real outrage. It isn’t a Trump tweet or Russia election hacking or any other sensationalist stories that the corporate media pushes. As I have stated, there isn’t any evidence of Russia election interference. Yes, this happened four years ago, but a $600 million contract is worth much more than four years in this case. This is the same corruption that floods our politicians. There is no difference. I say this in every post, and I will hammer this until the cows come home, Independent media is the only way to get the real news. Wherever you are, read more and support independent media!


Presidential Debates and How the Media is Ruining the Country

The first Presidential Debate was a few nights ago and unfortunately met expectations. Although the debate lasted an hour and a half, several key topics had no discussion time. Some undiscussed topics included poverty, climate change, immigration, and healthcare.

A recent Harvard study showed that on Mainstream outlets such as ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox, policy discussion was nearly absent from the coverage. The horserace aspect of the election is what the mainstream media overwhelmingly covers. One major issue is poverty, and a 2013 report showed that 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Something that big should receive coverage, but the media sees things through a different lens than the average American. The Mainstream Media is often referred to as the Corporate Media due to corporate ties, which influences their reporting. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 deregulated the industry, allowing several companies to merge. There used to be around 50 major media companies; Today, that number is at six.

The United States has a rigged debate system. Third-party candidates are rising in the polls, but it’s not enough. They need to reach at least 15 percent in at least five national polls to qualify for the debates. In August, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit allowing for third parties to participate in the Presidential debates. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein of the Libertarian and Green parties respectively are the main third-party candidates.

One “dilemma” that moderators have is should they fact check the candidates? The answer is yes. The American people have the right to know what the candidates say is accurate or not. Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who will moderate a later debate, was interviewed by Howard Kurtz about his debate strategy. One of the questions that came up was about if a candidate says something that he knows to be false; he responded that his role is not to be a truth squad. The director of the Presidential Debate Commission also appears to agree with the strategy of not fact-checking. The media now has a “neutrality” bias, giving both sides of a particular issue equal say even though one side could be completely right and the other completely wrong.

This problem has risen over the years. In one of the 2012 Presidential debates, CNN moderator Candy Crowley fact-checked Mitt Romney on Benghazi. Republicans accuse the media of having a liberal bias, but that is false. The reason behind that claim is that corrupt corporations control the media.

The media continues to be a colossal failure because of their lack of policy substance horserace aspect of things dominates the coverage.

The DNC, the Media, Election Fraud, and the Democratic Party Platform

28 July 2016

Hello, again Insights.

Last week, the RNC occurred in Cleveland. I didn’t watch it, so what I know about it are the news and other people. Today is the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and just like in the primaries, there have been several issues.

On July 22, Wikileaks released tens of thousands of emails and attachments regarding the DNC and connections to Hillary Clinton. To search for those, click here. There was mass speculation that the DNC coddled with the Clinton campaign from the very beginning, and there was a conflict of interest going on: Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz worked as a campaign co-chair on Clinton’s 2008 campaign. As a result of the leaks, Wasserman Schultz stepped down as the DNC chair but is now working with the Clinton campaign officially(since she and the DNC worked with her) as an “honorary chair” to help get her and Democrats in all 50 states elected.

Election fraud has occurred in several cases including intentional slashing in the number of polling stations such as those in Arizona and Puerto Rico, causing long wait lines. Puerto Rico typically has a high voter turnout, had less than 5% of eligible voters cast their ballots. In California, millions were told to have to vote provisional ballots even though they were registered Democrats or recently registered as a Democrat. The media called California for Hillary Clinton before millions of provisional ballots were even counted. There was also reports of illegally shredded ballots in the Golden State.

Election Justice USA– A non-partisan coalition dealing with election fraud.

Democratic Primary Fraud- Election Justice

The convention kicked off on Monday to Sanders supporters protesting the corruption in the DNC. Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders were some of the keynote speakers of the night. However, there has been many problems with delegates and protesters. As you may know, Sanders supporters have been talked down to and asked to “fall in line” for party unity to defeat Trump.

The Mainstream Media, which has ties to Clinton and virtually every other establishment political figure, reports only the surface.They cannot report the whole story because they’re part of the corruption that is going on. There have been issues with other media sources such as with the online The Young Turks. TYT political reporter Jordan Chariton was locked out from the media tent on Day 2 of the convention. In continuation, protesters occupied the media tent, protesting the mainstream media and their establishment/conservative bias.

There was some good news, however. Starting in 2020, 2/3 of the Democratic Party’s superdelegates have to vote according to the results of the primary or caucus in their state. In the weeks leading up to the convention, committees began drafting the party platform for the next four years. Some notable changes were calling for a $15 minimum wage as well as debt-free college. Other things did not change from 2012 such as on foreign policy such as on the Palestine-Israel conflict. New things were added such as praising and attempting to pass the TPP.

Full Democratic Party Platform

That is the basics of the DNC, the media, election fraud, and what the upcoming platform is. I’ll also have a similar post regarding the Republicans and the RNC soon.



What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You(and Why) Part 3

Hello, again Insights.

I’m sure you have heard about the Ataturk Aiport attack in Istanbul, Turkey. Two suicide bombers killed over 40 and injured over 100 others. There were also attacks in Bangladesh and Baghdad in which the death toll in Baghdad is now over 200. When something like this happens, it’s major news for a week. The mass media often doesn’t tell the entire story.

Terrorist attacks occur frequently, and every major one seems shocking. They’re more publicized here if they happen in Europe or America. My last post in the media segment focused on fear mongering, which applies to this post. There will be calls by the media and our politicians to get “tough on terrorism” which is code to spend more on defense programs that have been proven not to work, and in some ways backfire by creating a hatred for the United States.

Going back to my first point, European and American terrorist attacks are more publicized because they occur in areas with low Muslim populations. As a result, the Paris and Belgium attacks received a lot of publicity, unlike the Beirut, Lebanon attack in November of 2015 which had similar consequences. Lebanon is close to Iraq and Syria, the home of ISIL caliphate. Attacks by the U.S. and other powers such as Israel often violate international law but is almost always called the counter-terror attacks. Presidential candidates such as Ted Cruz favor an increase of what the U.S. is doing. What isn’t frequently talked about on mainstream networks is that the United States ranks No. 1 in defense spending, which is almost four times as much as the No. 2 country, China, As you can see in this graph by the Washington Post. What is often overlooked is the effectiveness of defense programs. We bomb ISIL more than any other nation, yet nothing has changed. In fact, the United States is running out of bombs. Additionally, there are several environmental consequences of war. Examples include poorer air quality, increased oil use, as well as the dismantling of infrastructure which are obvious. As I have stated in previous posts, the MSM needs winners and losers in order to function. The media and Congress are corporate owned, and defense contractors will want to sell more war to increase their profit. That is why we need to get money out of politics to restore a government that is for the people, and by the people.

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What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You(and why) Part 2

In my inaugural post, I talked about what the mainstream media won’t tell you. Since they’re all corporate owned, they’ll report on behalf of corporate interests. Today’s post will focus on fear-mongering by the MSM.

Part 1: The MSM’s fear-mongering agenda

The mainstream media frequently fearmongers, especially after terrorist attacks. Now that we’re in a presidential election, they’ll turn to them and their responses. They’ll be several guests who have experience in U.S. national security and attempt to make terrorism a bigger deal than it actually is. The thing is that terrorism is focused primarily on Islamic terrorism, specifically ISIL.

The Islamophobic Fearmongering Rhetoric

Part 2: What the MSM Won’t Tell You

The MSM has an obvious establishment bias. You hear the stories from them about ISIL attacks and how we need to get tough on terrorism. This is because defense contractors are part of the establishment. What they won’t tell you is the work that the U.S. military does. An example being, U.S. drone forces bomb in Syria, killing a top ISIL official. The background and gruesomeness and corruption did by the U.S. aren’t covered. It’s always they’re the bad guys, we’re the good guys. The media has to have sides and labels.

Take for example the Iraq war. The MSM beat the war drums trying to get the people on board with the war. As the media is corporate owned and works for interests, there are tie-ins with defense contractors who profit when there are wars. We seem to be at war constantly, and our defense spending is No. 1 in the world by a long shot. It’s no accident that this happens. The corporations work together to get what they want, not what ordinary citizens want.

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